Activated Sludge Microscopy

One of Aqua Enviro’s techniques for the initial assessment of the activated sludge process is microscopic examination.

This test involves the visual assessment of biomass floc structure/size/shape, protozoa, metazoa and filamentous bacteria.

Findings from the visual assessment our used to indicate the overall health of the plant, changes that may have occurred in the influent, process conditions (F/M, sludge age) and any problems that maybe occurring within the ASP (low dissolved oxygen, under/overloading, nutrient deficiency, toxicity)

microscopy image of activated sludge

Microscopy report will be produced which will assess:-

  • Overall health of the Mixed liquor
  • 30min settlement rate
  • Floc integrity, size, shape and structure
  • Filamentous bacteria species and abundance
  • Protozoa and metazoa species and abundance
  • Brief summary of observations and process conditions
  • Potential treatment solutions for any areas of concern

Aqua Enviro’s new ‘Activated Sludge Troubleshooting Chart’ is now available – to download please CLICK HERE

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