Jar Testing | Process Design, Control & Optimisation

Jar testing is used to evaluate physical / chemical treatment processes in relation to chemical selection and process configuration/operation (mixing, contact time and settlement) in order to flocculation and treated water quality.

This testing is undertaken utilising jar testing apparatus, where the mixing rate (rpm) and reaction/settlement time can be controlled.

Aqua Enviro have developed a standard method for the optimisation of mixing, settlement and dosing processes which not only provides a visual indication of the process being investigated, but in combination with routine analysis of the settled sludge and supernatant liquid fraction, response curves can be created illustrating the effects of the varying operation parameters on the settlement process in question.

Our experienced process engineers work with our clients to translate the analytical data into real-life solutions.  Jar testing applications and typical projects include: –

  • Enhanced priority substance removal through oxidation
  • Review chlorine dosing rates for disinfection
  • Coagulant dose response curves for P removal in wastewater treatment works (WwTW’s)
  • Verify design claims prior to installation
  • Polymer optimisation reviewing dose, type and contact time
  • Assessment of acid/alkalis doses for pH correction
  • Determine optimum pH for metals precipitation and removal
  • Indicate treatment efficacy of trace substance removal media
  • Optimising DAF performance
  • Optimise coagulant and flocculent combinations and dosing algorithms in water treatment works (WTW’s)

We can provide references for projects including those in the industrial sector.

Synonyms / keywords: Jar testing, chemical dosing, coagulants, flocculation, P removal, precipitation, primary settlement, treatability testing, polymer optimisation, mixing characteristics

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