Standard Analysis

Aqua Enviro’s in-house laboratory provides a wide range of testing services, specifically: water, wastewater, biosolids and organic waste analysis:

Activated Sludge Microscopy
Dry solids
Volatile solids
Total suspended solids
Volatile suspended solids
Volatile fatty acids
Total chemical oxygen demand
Soluble chemical oxygen demand
Total biochemcial oxygen demand
Soluble biochemical oxygen demand
Biochemical oxygen demand ultimate
Total nitrogen
Ammoniacal nitrogen
Total kjeldahl nitrogen
Total oxidisable nitrogen
Total phosphorus
Settled sludge volume index


Bespoke testing and treatability trials:
Dewatering Optimisation Tool (DOT) and Stackability Assessment
Jar testing for Process Design, Control & Optimisation
Carbonaceous and nitrification inhibition testing
Zahn Wellens / EMPA Readily biodegradable COD assessment
Percentage nitrifying activity
Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR)
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) bed life (also known as Iodine Number)
Activated sludge microscopy
Lab scale anaerobic digestion trial
Lab scale upflow anaerobic sludge blanket trial
Lab scale sequence batch reactor trial
Lab scale activated sludge plant trial
Bio-methane potential test testing (BMP)
Lab scale thermal hydrolysis trial
Plastics >2mm in digestate
Biodegradable plastics in digestate >2mm
Feedstock and Biogas Radiocarbon Dating (Biogenic Carbon Content)
Rapid Small Scale Column Testing (RSSCT)

“The analysis provided by Aqua Enviro enabled us to identify the cause of operational problems and to return the treatment plant to health - without the use of nasty chemicals. My customer is delighted and so am I!”
J.Kempster - Kempster & Co. Ltd

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